Stephanie Sutton-Flanagan

Stephanie has been keenly involved with the evolving stages of PhiSciences since 1998 when she joined forces with Patrick Flanagan and ‘Flantech’ as it was called back then.  During the past 15 years she has traveled with Patrick to many places around the world, lecturing to eager audiences that understand the profundity of the discovery of the Hydrogen ion and the vast knowledge that Patrick has to offer.

Stephanie was appointed Chairwoman of Flantech Asia in 2007 and at that time she took on the task of launching the Amazing Essentials skin care line.  PhiSciences had one cream – AMAZING FACE so it was time to go a step further and provide AMAZING BODY and the first Amazing Face C Serum.  This was a good first start but during these last two years Stephanie wanted to eliminate all ingredients that were not 100% natural.  Since 2011 an ongoing evaluation of oils, herbs, scents, fragrances and antioxidants and their role in hydration and their symmetry when combined were pursued.

“I teamed up with a vetted botanical herbologist and together we came up with our new formula combination that I see is already changing my skin.”  No one could foresee what happened when Crystal Energy was added to these formulas.  There is truly no other delivery system on earth that can carry nutrients into the skin like Crystal Energy.  Silica in this form is unparalleled.”

Stephanie has a B.A. from the University of Washington in Fine Art and a minor in Dance and Theater and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch West in Seattle. She was an avid health seeker in the 70′s and 80′s through fasting and studying the natural path to eating living foods and the advantages of meditation while following her spiritual path.  She maintained two psychotherapy practices for 11 years, one in Seattle and the other on Whidbey Island.

Stephanie’s Bio

Patrick and Steph Cruise Wedding Hi ResStephanie and Patrick Flanagan were married on the Big Island of Hawaii presided over by Kahuna Auntie Poi Poi with family present and breaching whales honoring them during the ceremony.

“The journey of living and learning about the discovery of H־ Silica hydride has been profound through witnessing the successes and miracles of those that take this product. Now that we can apply those same benefits to our skin, our most delicate and treasured reflection of our health, we can rejoice in the pure pleasure of awakening our skin to true rejuvenation.”