Amazing Essentials is proud to announce Our All New

Brimming with the Most Essential Vitamins & Herbs

Plant Infused Oils & 100% Mega Packed Antioxidants

All Hand Blended in a 3% Crystal Energy® Solution

You will never find a Super
Food Skin Care Formula
for Face & Body like this EVER!

               We are the first and the only to have Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s remarkable discovery in a formulation that cannot be matched.

               As we all know our skin is the largest organ of the body and while we take proactive care hydrating from WITHIN it is equally essential that our skin receives the same treatment. That is why I’ve spent the last few years researching all that I could find about the RIGHT COMBINATION to complement the extraordinary addition of Crystal Energy® into the equation.

               This one of a kind combination that only PhiSciences holds exclusively is now yours to take your skin to new heights of beauty, longevity and youthfulness. Literally no herb7one else on the planet has this powerful antioxidant COMBINATION that will require you to leave all other skin cares behind!

               We at PhiSciences are passionate about what goes INTO your body as well as what goes ONTO your skin and that is why we took the next step in “NOTHING BUT NATURAL” this time around.  Americans spend around 100 billion a year on gimmicky anti-aging beauty creams that are actually full of additives and harsh chemicals that end up accelerating the ageing process of your skin. It’s true and people everywhere are turning to NATURAL SOLUTIONS in every aspect of their lives – and we remain leaders in this REVOLUTION.

               There are three main causes of skin aging and they are dehydration, oxidation and lack of nutrients. The effect of UV rays, pollution and free radicals generated by poor diet, environmental chemicals, pharmaceuticals etc. causes our skin to lose its elasticity and the ability to keep water/moisture in its cells.

sri-med               Crystal Energy® is a proprietary form of silica, loaded with (hydrogen) and is the key to putting all the other amazing nutrients in these concentrated blends to work… to penetrate, feed and hydrate your living cells at the deepest layers.

Feed your face takes on a whole new meaning!

HYDRATION & NUTRITION is the name of the game

and nothing can begin to compare to what
we have prepared for you…


The line up is 5 NEW PRODUCTS

and each of them work synergistically with each other


between healing, repairing and rejuvenating

and that’s why we call them

Master Moisturizer & SuperHydrate TM


It’s my pleasure to share them with you now…

~ Stephanie Sutton-Flanagan


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